What’s next?

Drawing on the results of interviews with these three ‘quality circles’ the project is developing small-scale projects which will aim to improve the ways in which quality processes are implemented and experienced within higher education institutions and to try to facilitate connections and dialogue between these three stakeholder groups.

For the next phase of the project the project team will be following up some of the issues raised by the data collection exercise and working with colleagues in their own institutions to create an initiative which will bring about positive change for one or more of the stakeholder groups and, of course, for the institution itself.

Each partner will be using the information collected during phase one of the SPEAQ project to inform these projects, one of which is already underway, thus will be following up on some aspect of quality raised during this exercise. It has been agreed that as the contexts in which people are working are so different and the needs identified very variable that each partner will be running a different project which will yield 9 case studies which can be shared and possibly replicated by others.

Sharing the outcomes from the project will also take place in this final phase through various channels such as the SPEAQ website, conference presentations, a journal article, local dissemination events and publicity through EU bodies such as EUA, ESU etc. Resources from the project, such as the SPEAQ workshop materials will be shared under an open licence in order that they can be adapted and re-used by others worldwide.

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