Dr Anca Greere and Dr Kate Riley presenting the SPEAQ project at the 8th European Quality Assurance Forum

8th European Quality Assurance Forum
Working together to take quality forward

Hosted by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden
21-23 November 2013

Dr Anca Greere and Dr Kate Riley’s paper was accepted and will be presented at the 8th  European Quality Assurance Forum at the University of Gothenburg. Here si the abstract of their paper:

‘Engagement, Empowerment, Ownership – How to nurture the Quality culture in higher education’.

Drawing on collaboration amongst higher education institutions in nine different European countries, this paper describes mechanisms which, over the two years of the SPEAQ project, have proved effective in developing a quality-driven mentality in three stakeholder categories: students, teaching staff and quality managers.

In spite of many national/contextual specificities institutions throughout the European Higher Education Area are frequently confronted with comparable quality assurance issues for which similar approaches may be adopted. This paper identifies these commonalities and details the type of actions which can empower stakeholders and enhance the quality of the educational experience.

Securing the engagement of stakeholders in the quality cycle often depends on the amount of trust an institution is willing to place on their contributions and on the way their opinions are elicited, collected, analysed, prioritised and actioned throughout the institution. Facilitating stakeholder ownership of quality processes is shown to be a highly effective strategy.

We will link to the online paper once it is released. In the meantime, you can find out more about the conference at http://www.eua.be/eqaf-gothenburg.aspx

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